Kasari Bhanu Song, Swoopna Suman-Arbitrary Originals

The song somehow depicts these things which are below :

The night is so dark why it seems so long night
It may be the chance, Still does not sleep
Like every day the stars are shining
Teasing me behind the clouds
After a long time, I am talking to you
My heart is saying that like the one birth has passed

As always my talk with you remained incomplete,
I think that I should talk all about, but remains in the mind
How can I say that your eyes have a magical power
You have a different kind of fun in your smiling
Don’t know, So Hope you should understand
Why you stole my lovely heart  
I still know when you first touched me
Don't know who are you, from you came
I'm afraid that after understanding you do not lose you
All that thinks is sleepy
In cold weather, this heart also shrinks
I Keep playing with pillows
This air is moving fast
And my heartbeat is too fast ..
When I will see u in front of me
Today is very talking 'with you
Confuse How to express you my heart talk

The thought of moving away from you, my love increases

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